The name ACRALIGHT represents more than 3 decades of design and manufacturing skills, and the dedication to take innovative daylighting solutions to a higher, more energy-efficient level.
ACRALIGHT SOLAR features cost-effective nationwide coverage to better service our customers throughout the USA. Our team of designers and engineers work closely with your individual requirements to provide superior performance, utilizing energy-efficient materials with project specific engineered glazing systems. All designs have one goal – maximize energy savings.
ACRALIGHT SOLAR Custom Skylights are designed with the most advanced technology, providing architects and professionals with the flexibility of multiple configurations, depths and system sizes. We utilize an assortment of glazing options including glass, BIPV Photovoltaic glass, polycarbonate, acrylics and our engineered AcraWall Translucent glazing panels.
With unmatched expertise, and a solid commitment to quality and safety, ACRALIGHT SOLAR is the leading source for daylight harvesting solutions.
For design assistance or a free analysis to maximize your energy savings contact Acralight Solar.
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    Daylight harvesting, by harnessing free sunlight with unit skylights, presents an immediate impact on energy savings, provides increased productivity, and creates a healthier indoor environment.

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    Acralight Solar offers one of the widest ranges of daylight harvesting solutions for commercial and industrial buildings, providing skylight options to meet the energy codes in all climate zones throughout the USA

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    Smoke Vents

    Acralight Solar produces one of the widest ranges of smoke and heat vents in the industry, providing economical solutions for venting smoke, heat and hot gases and products to meet the International Fire Code as well as State Fire Codes

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    Acralight Solar offers an almost unlimited selection of economical, high-quality residential skylights to meet the International Energy Code and Title 24 Code.

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    Custom Structural

    Acralight offers over 3 decades of technical experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of custom metal-framed structural skylights and canopy sytems.

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    Our expertise in the design engineering, and manufacturing, of (BIPV) Building Integrated Photovoltaic skylight systems, is truly unmatched, and exhibited by our impressive portfolio of completed projects.

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    Acralight Solar’s alternative to FRP glazing systems offers a much more high-performing, durable glazing system, with economical design solutions for almost any daylighting application.

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    Roof Hatches

    Acralight Solar’s roof hatches are all designed to insure smooth operation, ease of operation and long-term safety and durability.

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    Acralight offers a full line of OSHA compliant fall-protection products, and security products, to insure safety and security for all types of standard and custom skylights



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